Being a ‘people lover’ has always been important to my life. In 2013 I started to develop my formation as a coach after having a wonderful career as a stage performer and teacher. After broadening my horizon, driven by a strong ambition assisting people in their life, I work full time as a coach and confidential advisor. Large experience and inspiring. For everyone who can use some guidance and inspiration.

‘Live to your Values’ is my core research. My ‘WHY’ start with this quote, and my ‘WHY’ will end with it…

On the pages HOW, WHOM and ME you will read a lot more about my work: how I work, for whom I work, how people appreciate my approach, and about my evidence based studies/educations and diplomes/certificates. About my EXTRA programs, and how to reach out via CONTACT. A warmhearted welcome here on my website!

Being a professional coach after beautiful studies and courses, my former carreer as a stage performer and as a teacher offered me lots of experience in how to reflect and how to inspire. The idea of guiding- and inspiring people kept on going in my mind. I am not a trainer: a coach is a guide. And a coach keeps on learning.

Living to your values. Getting to know your values, the number one in my own life. Part of my ‘WHY’. Also, the importance of innovation, creativity and engagement. And the fascinating intimate relationship of innovation-failure, effective change-discomfort and growth-loss. And sometimes: tough conversations in my sessions.

By beautiful (evidence-based) studies/educations/courses, I achieved powerful skillsets:
– Acceptance & Commitment Therapist Certified (CIVAS 2017-2018);
– Research of the work of Parker J Palmer of the Center For Courage And Renewal (USA 2014-present) and participating in Retreats of the Center (2017-present);
– Brave Leader BLI Brené Brown Education&Research (USA) recognized and certified (2018);
– A short course from Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ (2018).

These educations/courses are strongly allied together. After many years of experience as a stage performer MA Master of Arts and as teacher, it all comes together…

Susan A. David PhD (Harvard Medical School) once said: “Walk your Why”: the art of living by your own personal set of values. This is exactly my reason for being a coach. I cannot say it in a better way.

NB: an inspiring moment on my walks in the mountains of a true example of self coaching, click here:

video self coaching