My approach is based on ACT Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, on Brave Leader BLI Brené Brown Education & Research Group, and on 5 years of research of the work of Parker J Palmer of the Center for Courage and Renewal.

I work on 1 : 1 base and with groups. In my own studio in Enschede area and on location everywhere in NL and in EU. A coach doesn’t provide in any advices, no paths or whatsoever. A coach invites people to discover their own values. Personal Values are the key of my work. Living to your own values is my main issue in my coachings. Story Telling (which may include: me asking you tough questions!) is a perfect tool to achieve this goal.

An important issue in my work with my clients: Personal Leadership. In my coachings I make a special line in this subject: articulation (about your biography for instance), compassion (about dealing with life), contemplation (about time and thinking), and hospitality (about space to others, situations and yourself). Vulnerability and courage are important parts of this traject. This model I made during my process in the Brave Leader Brené Brown Course:

I am a real western european person. When I talk about spirituality I stay with my roots, allthough I do admire the wisdom from the east part of the world. But my roots are here, I live here and I keep on living and working here. In the work of Henri Nouwen I meet the wisdom which resonates in me, I represent it in my work. And Parker J Palmer did some speeches together with Nouwen. Brené Brown wrote a foreword in ‘Love, Henri’. I have just a mini mini place in the circle of these great people. (About Palmer and Brown please read ME)

Talking about vulnerability:

And about Henri Nouwen: Brené Brown wrote in an Instagram post:

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