My coachings are for individuals and for groups up to a maximum of 30 persons. In my own studio, or at a venue in The Netherlands/UK/Germany/Belgium at work, in private clinics, hospitals etc…

For everyone who can use inspiration and guidance in life, I am there.

After many years of experience in my work, I developed programs (powerful, intense, creative) for:
– Chronic Pain/Illness;
– Coming out Gay Men/Women (private, religion, families, work).

Also, with great pleasure I work for:

– Adolescents and their issues, with an ACT approach specially designed for this group.

These 4 groups have my special attention. Not only my skillsets (go to ME) serve me well, but also a traject based on Square Of Life (followed a course Square Of Life with Susanne Kruys) with a Life Map will be part of the coachings, leading to ‘feel better’, with subjects as compassion, commitment, personal leadership, to be connected,  to show up, about shields and armor up, and living to your values.

Of course I am there for EVERYONE who can use some guidance in his/her life!