Great to be a public speaker on MAY 17th 2019 at https://houseofperpetualevolution.com. We had many beautiful moments together.

The 6TH OF JUNE 2019 :’Day of the Coach’. Trainingcentre CIVAS invited me for an interview on that special day, about my work as a coach and about my WHY being a coach. A great honour! On https://www.civas.nl/blog/student-coaching-aan-het-woord/4

And on JUNE 19th 2019 I participated on a big meeting in Amphion Theatre Doetinchem NL. From 13-17 h you were able to meet me meet me in the foyer of this theatre on a congress of Health Care Organizations The Netherlands Region East. But of course I would like to welcome you at my place in my own studio!

Starting SEPTEMBER the 3rd I join the team of the Toon Hermans Huis in Tiel NL, an organization helping people with cancer and theur family, friends, collegues etc. It will enrichen my carrier as a coach and it will add a lot on myself.

In SEPTEMBER 2019 20/21 I will be participating a course DEBATING, NETWORKING etc. at the Summerschool CDA Steenkamp Instituut in The Hague NL. I am an active member of CDA PRIDE. A training by highly qualified people. Always developing as a person and as a coach!

And on 15-19 january 2020 I will participate in the Founders Class of the Square of Life Academy. In a group of professionals we will work on themes as physical, social, psychogical and spiritual values and the real needs of people.  The coach keeps on learning…

And NEWS: I am writing A BOOK, release second part 2020. In paper version and e-book. With symposia and Theatre Lectures about my book. Stories about Chronical Illness and the consequences to social life. About articulation of life, about contemplation and compassion, and about hospitality. Written together with people suffering from chronical illness, especially chronical cancer.


And about my extra programs:

PUBLIC SPEAKER, lots of invitations in The Netherlands and abroad.