Main speaker on MAY 17th 2019 at https://houseofperpetualevolution.com.

The 6TH OF JUNE 2019 :’Day of the Coach’. On this day I was ‘Dutch Coach of the Day’ in The Netherlands.  Trainingcenter CIVAS invited me for an interview on that special day. On https://www.civas.nl/blog/student-coaching-aan-het-woord/4

And on JUNE 19th 2019 I participated on a big meeting in Amphion Theatre Doetinchem NL. From 13-17 h on a congress of Health Care Organizations The Netherlands Region East.

Since SEPTEMBER the 3rd I work in the team of the Toon Hermans Huis Tiel NL, an organization helping people with cancer and their family, friends, collegues etc.

In SEPTEMBER 2019 20/21 I participated a course DEBATING, NETWORKING etc. at the Summerschool CDA Steenkamp Instituut in The Hague NL. I am an active member of CDA PRIDE.

MARCH the 22ND will be an important day: all persons who contributed to my upcoming book will be informed in a special meeting about the full manuscript, publishing etc. NB this event was being cancelled due to the situation in the world by COVID 19. But…in june 2020 all will be together in this meeting.

In MARCH 2020 I started a fantastic training at AI-Opener based on Marshall Rosenberg’s CENTER FOR NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION.

In 2020 october 18-24 I will be attending at a Retreat in Trosly-Breuil/France at L’Arche by Gabrielle Earnshaw (from Canada Toronto) about the work of Henri Nouwen. This Retreat will follow the process Nouwen went through making big decisions in his life.

From 24-26 of JUNE 2021 I intend to visit the World Congres Henry Nouwen Society in Toronto/Canada (25th anniversary Henri Nouwen 1934-1996), supported by St Michaels College University Toronto.

And NEWS: I write a BOOK, release nov/dec 2020 by LANNOOCAMPUS publishers. With symposia and Theatre Lectures about my book. Stories about Chronical Illness and the consequences to social life. About dignity, vulnarability, courage, meaning, and values. And empathy vs sympathy. Also about my own process dealing with struggles in health problems.


Schöpfungspfad/Eifel Germany. Walking there guided me also to my book… with 10 questions about ‘why’ in your life. This path ends in a labyrint, as you can see on this photo. A beautiful metaphore…

Talking about emapthy vs sympathie: https://youtu.be/1Evwgu369Jw

As you may have noticed the work of Henri Nouwen is very present in my life, in my work as a coach, and in my book. This text from ‘The Wounded Healer’/Henri Nouwen inspires me every single day: